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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Disney DIY #3- Making Fantasia Hats

One of the iconic landmarks of Disney World is now an iconic landmark in Granny's house too. We made these lovely Fantasia inspired hats to give to Granny and Grandad to get them excited for our holiday to see the real thing.

Easy to make too:
  1. Make a cone using cardboard or paper.
  2. Stick onto a donut shaped piece of cardboard/paper.
  3. Paint blue.
  4. And yellow felt stars and moons.
  5. Glitter to taste.


  1. They are in the craft room and make me smile every time I go in there.

  2. How exciting! These are great. Did you use tape or glue to stick the top to the brim?

    1. I tried it with glue, which didn't hold well so we put little pieces of tape on the inside. x

  3. These are fab! Love the "glitter to taste" part - ALL the glitter please!

    Thanks for sharing your Disney post with me on #100DaysOfDisney!

    1. Just found out the hat has been taken down though :( Not sure what the new symbol is either.....


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