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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Video Weekend #4

My mum and Dad  came for a visit this week, so they have been sharing all their favourite things about Disney with the girls.

We have been looking at pictures of cakes from Disney's Boardwalk. And watching this video too.

Image result for cakes from disneys boardwalk

We enjoyed looking at the Mickey Mouse Ice Creams. My all time favourite is the Mickey ice cream sandwich one, Lily wants a Mickey choc ice and Daisy wants them all Haha!!!
We  looked at all the different sorts of ears we can wear on vacation too. A Disney holiday needs ears!!!

Image result for mickey ear hat

We spent some time watching videos of the animal safari in Animal Kingdom. This one was Daisy's favourite. And looking at pictures of Mummy and Granny on safari too...

 Image result for animal kingdom safari

We have been trying to watch some Disney films with the girls that they have not seen before, so they are familiar with all of the characters they will see. This weeks was The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lily really enjoyed the film, and asked lots of questions about it as we watched. Daisy however was unimpressed, preferring to play duplo than watch (she mainly seems to enjoy frozen, peter pan and snow white).

Image result for hunchback of notre dame

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  1. It was a great week, they are both so excited and looking forward to their trip, so am I....


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