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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Wicked Wednesday


This weeks Wicked Wednesday links up with, and is about pizza. We had two pizza experiences this week. The first was going out for a pizza lunch on Saturday where James took a lovely picture of Lily's full and feeling sick face, and the second was a pizza at home day where Daisy was making some gorgeous faces!!!

Mummy I ate too much pizza!!!

I am sooo happy to be eating my pizza!!!


Monday, 27 April 2015

Super Easy Speedy Fajitas.

These are such a yummy (and quite healthy) dinner for Lily and Daisy. But best of all super easy and really quick.

I bought cooked chicken strips and sliced peppers, put them on a baking tray with some mixed herbs and pepper and put into the oven until warmed through. Served it in a tortilla wrap with some rice and tortilla chips. Then I chopped up some cucumber to serve and ready to eat! This is my go to dinner when we are late home from a day out, or on dance class days.

What do you cook for a quick and easy dinner????

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Junk Space Rocket

My gorgeous Lily brought home a fabulous space rocket from nursery today (Currently she is running around the living room with it screaming VROOOOOOOMMMM!!!! at the top of her lungs). She can see such amazing adventures in everyday things, what an inspiration to us all to really look at things before we throw them away. Well done Lily! x

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Beading fun!

We made some with beads. I put the beads out in a tray with little compartments, and some elastic that's cut to size.
I usually tie a bead at the end, so they don't fall off when the girls start to thread.
Threading small beads is great for those fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination.
This activity is a fantastic opportunity to discuss colours and patterns. Lily created a repeating colour pattern on one of her bracelets, which is a key early maths skill. We also counted the beads as we put them on, and talked about the different shapes and sizes of the beads.
Lots of fun, and lots of learning!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Baby clothes rag wreath.

We had a lovely day out at the beach last week. We played in the sand, built castles, played football, and enjoyed some chips! It also gave me some time to sit and tie my rags onto my wreath. I had cut strips from my two little girls old baby clothes, to make a memory wreath. It is hard to throw away their tiny things as they grow up so I have cut lots of squares out of them to make up a quilt (this may take me some time), and used the leftovers on this wreath.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Cinamon hot cross bun french toast.

We made a yummy treat fro our left over (slightly stale) hot cross buns. Hot cross bun cinnamon French toast. It was delicious, and Lily has been asking for more ever since. It was a hit with Daisy who tried to lick the plate.
The Recipe (Makes enough for 4)
2 Hot cross buns
2 Eggs
2 tsp. Cinnamon
2 tbsp. Sugar or Sweetener
A dash of Milk
Frylight (I love this stuff, stops things being too greasy)
Strawberries (To serve, but bananas are good too)
Ice-Cream (To serve)
  • Beat the eggs, cinnamon, milk and sugar in a large shallow bowl.
  • Cut the hot cross buns in half and dip them into the egg mixture.
  • Warm up the frying pan and spray with frylight.
  • Fry the hot cross buns until golden
  • Serve warm with the strawberries and ice-cream.

Give them a try, they were really good!

Any other tips for using up hot cross buns after Easter??

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wicked Wednesdays Funny Pictures

Linking up to brummymummyof2 for her hilarious Wicked Wednesdays pictures. The idea is to post funny pictures of family life......
This is my daughter showing me her "clean" hands as she comes downstairs from washing them before lunch....
Me "Lily will you let me take a photo of your bracelets."
Lily "Only if you can catch me I am Superman" (Runs of screaming Superman Away!!)


Tuesday, 7 April 2015


We had a lazy afternoon watching Despicable Me on the sofa with a big snack bowl full of grapes, strawberries and blueberries. So we decided we would have some more fun making some minions of our own! They were really easy and used only basic materials from the craft box.
What you need:
Cardboard tube
Black card
White card
Coloured dot stickers
Blue felt
Yellow Paint
Gloopy glue
How we did it:
  • We painted the toilet roll tubes with yellow paint mixed with gloopy glue. Leave them to dry.
  • Stick a white circle onto a larger black circle (or two if doing two eyes), add a coloured sticker for the pupil. Stick to a strip of black card and glue to the tube.
  • Cut a strip and a rectangle from blue felt. Stick to the tube to make dungarees.
  • Cut out spiky hair from black card and add it to the inside top of the tube with tape.
  • Play with new minion friend. Lily's is called Minnie Minion, and Daisy's is called Neil.
Linking up with Tuesday Tutorials PinParty.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Happy Easter everyone.
We have made a yummy Easter cake. I used this recipe from Baking Mad. It was easy to make and tasted really yummy! Although we used normal buttercream, and not the cream cheese frosting (I forgot to buy cream cheese.... Oops!)
It was a good job it was only for us to eat because Daisy tried to put her head in the mixing bowl ha-ha!
Then I let the girls spread the frosting all over the top and sides (I neatened it up a bit!!), we sprinkled some Easter candies on the top, and stuck Easter bunny chocolates around the edges.
It was delicious and so much fun to make. My two tiny crafters are definitely turning into two tiny bakers!
What Easter treats has everyone else been making?
Linking up to The Creative Collection Party at Lolly Jane.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

New skirt!

Lily was looking through my material box and found this yellow gingham material I had bought years ago. She asked me if I would make her a picnic dress from it. So I went online to search for some ideas that a beginner could sew up.
I stumbled across a fantastic tutorial about how to make these skirts on Make it Love it Blog. I really loved the look of them I tried my hand at one this afternoon. (It isn't a dress but she still loved it).
They are very quick and easy to make up, this one took me about two hours, but I hand stitched it, it would be much faster using a sewing machine. I think this would be fabulous in a nice floral patterned material. I intend to make lots more.
I used the leftover material to make a little headband to match. 
Lily loved it, and spent the rest of the day twirling and spinning! And asking to go on a picnic ha-ha!!
 Right now I am off to the haberdashery to get some material for Daisy's. She has requested farm material, but will probably change her mind when we get there.....
The please let it fit moment.....
The finished product.

Some skirts are just made to twirl in!!!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Decorations.


It's a family tradition in my family to decorate for Easter, in particular to make an Easter tree, which is really twigs in a vase with little decorations hung on it. Simple but effective.
We had an amazing day last week going out to collect all the twigs from the park. All the flowers were in bloom, and the sun was shining. I really felt like Spring was here!
Then we had great fun decorating the Easter tree, and also making Easter paper chains, Easter baskets, bunnies and chick decorations. All the decorations are homemade and we add to our collection each year with more crafting fun.
We also like to get a new Easter book each year to add to the collection, the girls get so excited getting them out each year.
Do you have any Easter traditions?
Lucy x

Linking up with The creative exchange at a vision to remember.

Old crayons to new crayons....

My two tiny crafters love to colour in and draw pictures, and I buy a lot of crayons as little presents for them (rather than chocolate!!!). This means we end up with a lot of broken, blunt crayons that we don't use anymore. I hate throwing them away though so I decided to have a go at recycling them into shaped crayons. The results were fabulous, the disks were a great size and shape for little fingers to hold. I have made some more and put them into little paper bags for Easter presents for my girls friends.

1. Peel all the papers off the crayons.

2. Sort the crayons into colour piles and snap them into smaller pieces.

3. Put the crayon pieces into silicone moulds. We used these fish moulds.

And these cupcake moulds make disk crayons. We decided to mix the colours together to make swirly crayons.
4. Give them to mummy to put into an oven. I guessed Gas Mark 4 and kept checking them. They were melted after about ten minutes. .

5. Wait for them to cool down for 30 minutes, then put them into the fridge for 10 minutes. Pop them out of the mould then voila!

Lily having a good try.

Daisy colouring with a fish.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This time last year....

This time last year..... My two tiny crafters were a lot tinier then, but still loved creating and getting messy. I cannot believe how much they have both grown in a year. They are turning into beautiful, kind, and brilliant children and I could not be any prouder of them!!!