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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Decorations.


It's a family tradition in my family to decorate for Easter, in particular to make an Easter tree, which is really twigs in a vase with little decorations hung on it. Simple but effective.
We had an amazing day last week going out to collect all the twigs from the park. All the flowers were in bloom, and the sun was shining. I really felt like Spring was here!
Then we had great fun decorating the Easter tree, and also making Easter paper chains, Easter baskets, bunnies and chick decorations. All the decorations are homemade and we add to our collection each year with more crafting fun.
We also like to get a new Easter book each year to add to the collection, the girls get so excited getting them out each year.
Do you have any Easter traditions?
Lucy x

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  1. It nice to see the traditions are been carried on, the girls have done a great job. Have a wonderful Easter.


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