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Saturday, 4 April 2015

New skirt!

Lily was looking through my material box and found this yellow gingham material I had bought years ago. She asked me if I would make her a picnic dress from it. So I went online to search for some ideas that a beginner could sew up.
I stumbled across a fantastic tutorial about how to make these skirts on Make it Love it Blog. I really loved the look of them I tried my hand at one this afternoon. (It isn't a dress but she still loved it).
They are very quick and easy to make up, this one took me about two hours, but I hand stitched it, it would be much faster using a sewing machine. I think this would be fabulous in a nice floral patterned material. I intend to make lots more.
I used the leftover material to make a little headband to match. 
Lily loved it, and spent the rest of the day twirling and spinning! And asking to go on a picnic ha-ha!!
 Right now I am off to the haberdashery to get some material for Daisy's. She has requested farm material, but will probably change her mind when we get there.....
The please let it fit moment.....
The finished product.

Some skirts are just made to twirl in!!!

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