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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


We had a lazy afternoon watching Despicable Me on the sofa with a big snack bowl full of grapes, strawberries and blueberries. So we decided we would have some more fun making some minions of our own! They were really easy and used only basic materials from the craft box.
What you need:
Cardboard tube
Black card
White card
Coloured dot stickers
Blue felt
Yellow Paint
Gloopy glue
How we did it:
  • We painted the toilet roll tubes with yellow paint mixed with gloopy glue. Leave them to dry.
  • Stick a white circle onto a larger black circle (or two if doing two eyes), add a coloured sticker for the pupil. Stick to a strip of black card and glue to the tube.
  • Cut a strip and a rectangle from blue felt. Stick to the tube to make dungarees.
  • Cut out spiky hair from black card and add it to the inside top of the tube with tape.
  • Play with new minion friend. Lily's is called Minnie Minion, and Daisy's is called Neil.
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  1. These look really cute, and I'm sure they were fun to make too!

    1. Thank you, we really did enjoy making them, especially the gluing process, my kids love getting sticky!

  2. Great idea, I've been thinking of doing one of these too lately.

    Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tutorials.

    1. It was great fun, we love toilet roll creations in our house.


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