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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Old crayons to new crayons....

My two tiny crafters love to colour in and draw pictures, and I buy a lot of crayons as little presents for them (rather than chocolate!!!). This means we end up with a lot of broken, blunt crayons that we don't use anymore. I hate throwing them away though so I decided to have a go at recycling them into shaped crayons. The results were fabulous, the disks were a great size and shape for little fingers to hold. I have made some more and put them into little paper bags for Easter presents for my girls friends.

1. Peel all the papers off the crayons.

2. Sort the crayons into colour piles and snap them into smaller pieces.

3. Put the crayon pieces into silicone moulds. We used these fish moulds.

And these cupcake moulds make disk crayons. We decided to mix the colours together to make swirly crayons.
4. Give them to mummy to put into an oven. I guessed Gas Mark 4 and kept checking them. They were melted after about ten minutes. .

5. Wait for them to cool down for 30 minutes, then put them into the fridge for 10 minutes. Pop them out of the mould then voila!

Lily having a good try.

Daisy colouring with a fish.


  1. Impressive. You are both good at colouring in, I hope you are doing a picture for Granny.

    1. Of course Granny, we are working on a Birthday project for you..... x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I had seen so many blog posts about these but was a bit scared of trying it, I am so pleased we did!

  3. Oooh, they turned out great! The fish are a great shape for little hands aren't they..?

    1. Thanks. The girls were so pleased with them, Daisy got really excited when they changed colours as she was using them. Such fun! X


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