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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Video Weekend #1

Each weekend we will be watching a video of a parade, show, ride, etc. to get us all excited for Disney, this is James' and the girls first visit to DisneyWorld, so I thought it would show them what to expect (I really hope the girls aren't scared of mickey!) YouTube is full of amazing videos so I will be linking up to the one we choose to watch each weekend.

This weekend we watched The Complete 2015 "Dream Along With Mickey Show" at Walt Disney World the girls loved it! Daisy got very excited when Mickey arrived on stage, but was aking where Daisy Duck was.....

The films of the weekend were Frozen, our favourite, and The Incredibles, which we had never watched before, even Olaf joie afternoon. Lily loved pretending to stretch like Mrs Incredible!


Please leave us any comments, ideas and suggestions. Lucy x