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Monday, 30 March 2015


We had a fabulous trip to the seaside. Lily and Daisy rode their bikes, we played on the parks, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

I decided to be inspired by the beauty of the sea and we collected some pebbles from the beach to turn into, PEBBLE SEA MONSTERS!!!!

The good thing about making them into monsters is it gives the girls free reign to be creative, a monster can look like ANYTHING!!!

How we did it:
  • I cleaned and dried the pebbles.
  • Then I mixed paint with gloopy glue.
  • Then I let the girls paint their pebbles and we left them to dry.

  • Next we added googly eyes, marker pen accents, feathers, pom poms, pipe cleaners (whatever you have spare!)
  • Then you can name them and give them pride of place on the kitchen windowsill.

The finished results are fabulous! Daisy's monster looks a lot like a chick.....

 Lucy x

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