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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St Patricks Day.

Happy St Patricks Day!!!

We have created some fabulous shamrock prints using a pepper. I got the idea here, and adapted it slightly to include using our fingers to paint, my two tiny crafters love getting messy with paint!

How to do it:
1. Cut a pepper in half and remove the seeds. (Mummy's job)

2. Dip it into some green paint and print onto paper, we used A3 plain paper.

I want to squash the pepper. Heehee!

I am sooo impressed with myself....
 3. Using your fingers add stems and details. 
Lets get messy......
4. Add some glitter, because every craft is better with glitter!

Glitter paint added a girly sparkle.
5. Add your name and give it to your favourite leprechaun.

The finished pictures!!!!
After the experience of using peppers to print with, Lily wanted to try some other fruits and vegetables, so we tried with apples, carrots and strawberries. You could try this with almost all fruits or vegetables......
Daisy had a try with some apple slices.

Lily printed with carrots then added leaves with a paint brush.

The finished carrot picture.

Lucy x

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  1. Granny thinks you are both very clever girls and do wonderful artwork.


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